Understanding Outbound Links

understanding outbound links
Outbound Links are, basically hyperlinks in the backend on most websites that are used to target any other domain apart from the parent domain. They take the user away from the parent site. They are the exact opposite of inbound links which are also hyperlinks, but they keep the user inside the domain of the parent site.


outbound links

When you link your site to related sites, it creates better opportunities for you and enables search engines to understand your business better. It also helps you to  be regarded as a quality, trusted site from your targeted audience. Careful linking can also potentially enable you to become an authority in your area of expertise.

A necessity for your website:

Outbound links are an absolute necessity to help your site gain better rankings and the audience that your business needs to be communicating with. Here are the reasons why outbound links are important.

They Upsurge Relevance:


Relationship between Google Ranking and Links

Who your website is linked to and how it’s linked can help the search engine algorithms to judge and learn about your site’s niche. It will help you provide relevance to your targeted audience. Moreover, it helps you gauge your competitors as well. Another great benefit is to enable search engine’s to trust your website more; this is what outbound links can achieve when they are linked to high authority pages. This outbound link helps the search engine believe that you are legitimate. The more confidence search engine’s have in your website, the better it’s for your business as it will serve up your page to the searcher with confidence and as a priority page.

Enhanced Reputation:

Authority page

So what does that search engine’s confidence do? Well, it builds the reputation of your site. When you link your web to these high profile pages you tell your audience that you are in league with these giants, this is what builds a good reputation for your site by association. These outbound links will take your audience and traffic away from your website but, most searchers don’t have time to check out five links, so when you give them all they need, they will stay loyal to your website and will regard you as the expert.

Boosting Value:

What makes you different from your competitors? Your quality content is what makes you stand out. When you link more quality pages to your website, it helps you boost your online value and perceived business value even more. Outbound links make your audience come back to your website more and more as they know you have the best and most up to date content and information available on your site. Relevance, continuity and value are the key here. Building trust with authentic content is vital.

From the point of SEO, outbound links are great for any website, only if they are relevant and trustworthy. Using them smartly can help you to get your website in front of your competitors sites.

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