Digital marketing trends in 2019

Digital Marketing Blog, By George Digital Australia

Digital marketing is here to stay.
You cannot escape it if you have a desire to widen your reach to your target group of customers.

Digital marketing has become vital for all businesses. This is because of the unprecedented spread and reach of smartphones and cheap internet services around the world.
Businesses are finding that wooing Google is not sufficient. Competitors are using innovative digital marketing ideas to capture their target group of customers. Here are some important digital marketing trends of 2019 for your business to take note of.

Voice search is becoming increasingly important

The feature of voice search is now available in most smartphones. People use this feature to navigate to websites on their devices. The search terms used by them have assumed great importance for marketing experts. Companies need to create content in local languages. Using relevant keywords that are likely to be used by their target group of customers is important. More and more households are using smart speakers such as Alexa to find out about products and services in their area.

Chatbots to engage and interact with visitors

More and more businesses are making use of chatbots to handle common inquiries from visitors to their websites. These chatbots are based on artificial intelligence and they can be helpful in performing ordinary tasks in customer service. They can also help in increasing sales by satisfying the queries of visitors immediately.

Influencer marketing

Unless you are Microsoft or Apple, chances are that your products and services are utilised by consumers in a certain geographical area. This is good in a way as you do not need to hire the services of a celebrity costing lots of money to advertise your products. You can make use of local influencers having large numbers of followers on social media accounts to carry your message to the local population. These influencers at the local level charge a very small amount of fees but their endorsement of your products and services carries the message down to your target group of customers.

Video marketing

Video marketing is a form of digital marketing that is becoming very popular these days. All businesses are not just noticing but making use of interesting videos to engage and interact with their potential customers on different social media platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and also Facebook. Likes, comments, and sharing of these videos make it easy for businesses to reach their marketing goals quickly. For more information on how to get your online, digital marketing up to speed for your business contact us and let us give you a FREE consultation to show you how we can help you to increase your engagement online to attract more customers to your business.

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