Why is your website not ranking highly on Google?

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There can be a number of reasons behind poor rankings.
Your website structure and SEO is perhaps the most important.

When you have a website made for your business, it is your natural desire to make it highly visible to gain more exposure and to attract a high amount of organic traffic to the website. If it is not seen in the top results of the browsers of people searching for products and services like yours, it is time to let By George Digital take a look at your SEO efforts.

You are being impatient

Many business owners want their website to reach the top of the rankings in lightning speed. This is simply not possible with SEO which is a time-consuming process. The impact of SEO done by a specialist show results in a few weeks’ time at best and certainly not overnight. But with careful attention from an SEO specialist such as By George Digital, your website can be ranking up on page 1 with the best of them.

Google doesn’t pay attention to the beauty of your website

You have paid a lot of money to the designer to create a visually appealing and very modern looking website. But Google doesn’t seem to notice the website. There may be many reasons behind this such as duplicate content, insufficient content, stale content, delay in the refreshing of content, incomplete meta tags, and so on.

You have very few links in your website

It is very easy for a website to get lost in an ocean of websites on the World Wide Web. If you have very few links or links that are not worth mentioning, your website will not get noticed by search engines and the bots that crawl through online data endlessly. In fact, you can be penalised for the wrong content.

Your competitors are doing better SEO than you

SEO is a process that is not carried out in a vacuum. It is a relative process that considers the efforts put in by your competitors. It is wrong on your part to think that there are some secret techniques that you are applying on your website and your competitors are not aware of them. You may have missed out on important links that your competitors have used, or they have included fresh content that you do not have on your website.

Your engagement on social media is insufficient

Social media marketing and engagement is a vital part of SEO strategy these days. If your website is lagging behind your competition, it may be because of poor social media engagement. Google is always looking for signals from social media platforms to rank websites. By George Digital are social media specialists who can help you with your social media content and SEO digital marketing strategy. Visit www.bygeorgedigital.com.au and sign up for your FREE consultation.

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